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Are you having to scrub the grout lines in your tile by hand, or has it been a few years since they have been professionally cleaned? We understand how frustrating and back breaking this type of work can be, and we would be happy to lend a hand.

If the tiled surfaces in your home or office are showing their age it may be time to call Steam Doc for a free onsite evaluation. Don't rule out a professional tile cleaning, replacing tile floors can be costly and is not always necessary. Steam Doc can bring back new life to your tile and grout. Don't forget to ask about our tile and grout sealants so they stay cleaner, longer!

As time goes on mold, mildew, liquid spills and ground in dirt build up in the pours of your stone, tile, and grout. Our specialized cleaning process involves cleaning solutions that power through the built-up bacteria, dirt, and grime leaving the tile and grout renewed.

After a tile cleaning, in the highest trafficked areas we would recommend sealing the grout to help extend the life of the grout and prevent spills from staining the grout. Sealed grout also is easier for you to keep clean and keeps bacteria from building up in the grout lines.

Disclaimer: If a sealer, finish, protectant, or any other form of wax or finish is on a surface we are cleaning, that Steam Doc (including any of the company associates) is unaware of and if after a deep tile cleaning it is disturbed.  Steam Doc is not liable for any damage done to said sealer, finish, wax, enhancer, etc. and will not be held responsible for fixing them. Because of this potential issue it is best to have an onsite evaluation. 

How to Prepare for a Tile Cleaning:

Please arrange for pets, and small children to be away from all areas to be cleaned. Our hoses created a tripping hazard, and we don't want anyone being burned from our HOT hoses.  Please leave us the closest parking spot(s) available we do need about a space and a half or a space along a walk way.  Please sweep or vacuum the floor before a tile cleaning. 

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