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Common Carpet Contaminants

December 28, 2017



“Dander” by definition is the small particles of skin that come from hairy surfaces. On humans, dander comes directly from the scalp and is the bane of narcissists worldwide. Most dander that gets into carpets is going to be from animals – namely dogs and cats.

As animals shed and as weather makes their skin fluctuate between dry and moisturized, pets of all breeds will leave behind small traces of their skin and dander. Over time, this dander can build up and ingrain itself in the fibers of carpets, making it tough to get out, even with top-quality vacuum cleaners.



Dust is typically overlooked as “obvious,” but it’s more dastardly than it seems. Primarily, dust is comprised of dead skin cells. This means that dust particulates can be microscopic, and will nestle themselves in spots that normal brushing and suction won’t even come close to touching. It takes in-depth knowledge of carpet, surface and upholstery cleaning to fully remove dust.

Dust is also finely ground up particles of fabrics, hairs, plant matter, dirt, rocks, sand and other organic and inorganic material that has decomposed to a level that the air picks it up and it becomes airborne.  In order to protect the air quality of a property, dust should be regularly removed and controlled through cleaning and air filtration.



Mildew is a cluster or growth of white or light brown colonies consisting of “fungal filaments.” Mildew grows on organic material including wool, wood, paper, leather and plants. Mold and mildew are often seen as the same thing, but they are not, as mildew prefers to only grow on organic material.

Mildew control is important to maintaining high air quality as well as protecting the appearance of a home. As mildew spreads, unsightly stains and odors will fill a property. The signature smell of mildew is not soon forgotten.



Smoke could gather from a fire place, a past fire that was extinguished, or from a regular smoking habit.  Smoke is comprised of microscopic chemicals and particles, which find themselves absorbed into porous surfaces and materials like clothing, carpeting and even wallpaper. With proper carpet cleaning from Steam Doc, nobody will ever know about your cigarette habit, or that meatloaf you forgot about that became an inedible small blaze.

What Are the Risks?



Asthma is a chronic health condition that many people worldwide suffer from. When things cause asthma to trigger, mucus builds up in the lungs and they become inflamed, making breathing difficult.  There are many triggers to asthma, including airborne allergens, respiratory infections, cold air, pollutants and irritants. Having carpets, surfaces and upholstery regularly cleaned by a service like Steam Doc will effectively help those coping with Asthma.


These days, it seems like there’s an allergy for everything, doesn’t it? Whether it’s ragweed, grass pollen, mold, mildew, animal dander, dust, smoke or any other particle that contaminates carpet, there’s a potential for individual sensitivity. That’s why our comprehensive allergy control is a great option for residential and commercial properties alike.


Weakened Immune System

All of these allergies and other adverse reactions take a toll on the human body. When people get sick or have an allergic reaction to something, the body reacts, and it can only do so much at once. When you expose yourself to contaminants and allergens on a regular basis, you leave your body prone to infection from other pathogens and microbes outside the property. Clean flooring and upholstery is a good start to protecting the immune system.

Remember, the responsibility lies on the property owner or manager to have the best interests of their occupants in mind. Families living in contaminated buildings risk exposing themselves if they regularly neglect their carpets and upholstery. Businesses risk extra expenditures and lost hours from employee sickness, and even failed building inspections if the problem’s serious enough.


Steam Doc provides the answers for both commercial and residential property owners seeking the best carpet cleaning around Atlanta and surrounding areas.


 Call us today for more information at 678.905.9722

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