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Are Your Dirty Carpets Making You Sick

December 3, 2017


There are a lot of common culprits for people getting sick. Some will blame the weather, and others blame public places, lack of hand sanitizer, being around kids, eating something nasty, or even going to the office and being around sick people. What many people fail to notice is that they could be exposing themselves to dangerous contaminants every day, through their flooring. Just in case you don’t believe us, we’re going to tell you some ways that carpeting can become a cesspool for fungus, bacteria, mold, pests and other contaminants.


Poor Carpet Cleaning – This is first and foremost one of the biggest causes we see of mold and mildew spreading in houses. Carpet cleaners should include powerful water extractors that not only clean and brush the carpet, but then extract as much water as possible from the fibers before leaving it cleansed. When a low-quality or aging carpet cleaner doesn’t properly extract the water, it will linger, deep in the carpet fibers, inviting in microorganisms like mold, mildew and other things as it tries to dry.


Dampness — Really, any kind of dampness or moisture in carpeting will cause the buildup of mildew, mold and other dangerous contaminants, whether it’s from a spill, a leaky ceiling or a bad carpet cleaning experience.

Do you own animals? Animals are great and make wonderful companions, but you have to be extremely diligent in cleaning up after them. As dogs and cats wander around outside and bring it in with them, they obviously are bringing in things you would never dream of. Not only that, but pets have accidents. Over time, these small, scattered contaminants add up and can be a threat to your health, especially if you suffer from allergies.


Does your house have tile or grout? Tile makes for beautiful backsplashes and durable, easy-to-clean floors. However, grout in tile has a tendency of picking up grime over time, including mold, mildew, fungus, dirt and other contaminants. When these build up, eventually they stick to feet, paws and anything else in contact with them. This results in the contamination spreading all throughout a property. Keep grout clean and your whole property will benefit, residential or commercial.


Do you have a designated smoking area? If not; get one. Smoking in itself won’t give you the flu or a cold, but it will make you sick, especially second-hand smoke. Every time your body is exposed to any kind of allergen, your body needs to put forth effort to push that contaminant out. By reducing the overall stressors in your environment you’re saving your body time and energy that it can spend on fighting microorganisms.


Everyone needs to worry about contaminants in their carpet, in order to protect their own health as well as everyone else occupying the building, whether it’s permanently or for a short period of time. That being said, we’ve managed to pinpoint the most dastardly denizen of them all—mold. Mold is the biggest potential health threat to property occupants. In the carpeting world, a little mold can go a long way.


Mold is a fungus that reproduces using spores, extremely small reproductive cells that float effortlessly through the air and have a reputation throughout the ages of surviving extremely harsh environmental conditions. Scientists have even reported mold spores being able to lay dormant for decades before sprouting. In addition, cleaners and analysts have described thousands of different types of mold lurking in homes and properties throughout the years. Steam Doc has all of the necessary expertise and tools to remove molds from carpeting and floors of all kinds safely and thoroughly.


There are many different types of mold offering different severities of health problems. However, if you are responsible for the health of your residents, or have little kids or the elderly in your household, any kind of mold is enough to raise concerns. Exposure to mold causes some notable health effects, including joint and muscle discomfort, headaches, depression, loss of memory, anxiety, weakening of the immune system and fatigue, gastro-intestinal issues, shortness of breath and even hallucinations. If you suspect that your property is at risk of mold in the flooring, contact Steam Doc immediately.


There are many different reasons that carpeting and flooring can get make occupants of a property ill. Make sure that your property isn’t the one doing it.  Not only will you improve your overall level of health, you may also alleviate other symptoms you may have not even realized. For help with mold or any other carpet contaminants around Atlanta, Georgia, call Steam Doc today at 678.905.9722

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