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Steam Doc provides excellent professional carpet cleaning services and a strong reputation to be top ranked in the Metro Atlanta Area. We service both residential and commercial properties. Steam Doc's Carpet Cleaning method is recommended by all carpet manufactures and only the best cleaning procedures, materials, and equipment are used. Our Hot Water extraction cleans from the roots of the carpet to the tip of the fabric to assure 100% cleaning Satisfaction.

All of our cleaning solutions are 100% Non-toxic, biodegradable and are safe for pets, children, and every member of the family. If you're looking for the greenest carpet cleaners, we have them ranging from food based, to organic, just request them when making the appointment, or when we arrive.

If you’ve got guests coming over for dinner, and you can’t wait all day for your carpets to dry, Steam Doc has a solution just for that. We use special fans, called air movers, to dry your carpet quickly and thoroughly. We’ll have you back on your carpet in less than 2 hours! And because we know even that can seem like a long time, we’ll give you a few pairs of plastic shoe covers, called booties, so you can walk on your carpet while it’s still drying. After all, we’re here to solve your problems, not create them.

How To Prepare For A Carpet Cleaning?

Please arrange for pets, and small children to be away from all areas to be cleaned. Our hoses created a tripping hazard, and we don't want anyone being burned from our HOT hoses.  Please leave us the closest parking spot(s) available we do need about a space and a half or a space along a walk way.  Please move all heavy furniture prior to us arriving. Before having your carpets cleaned please vacuum large debris and move all breakables, toys, shoes, and all precious items from all areas to be cleaned. We don't move any furniture.

Why You Need Professional Services?

Carpet maintenance is considered vacuuming and immediately cleaning spills. Regular maintenance is great but your carpets still require a professional carpet cleaning from time to time. This will help reduce the amount of dust, dirt, odors, and allergens in the carpet. When dirt is ground into the fibers of your carpet, it acts like sandpaper slowly wearing down the fibers and making them appear dull.


Carpet Protector

Once your carpet is professionally cleaned by Steam Doc there is no telling when your next spill, or stain may occur. Wouldn’t you like to be more prepared for these future spots and stains and help elongate the life of your carpet? Having your carpets professional cleaned is just as important as having Steam Doc protecting them. We recommend using carpet protector to help prevent water and oil based soils, not only will it help safeguard the individual fibers but it will also add extra protection on those high traffic areas.

Carpet Stretching, Repairs and Installs

If you have been thinking about new carpet for your home, Steam Doc has the solution! We have a wide variety of different styles of carpet to choose from and we can replace just one room or your entire home, depending on your specific needs.  We can do a free in-home evaluation and discuss the options we can do for your home; replacement is not always needed so that same honesty and upfront as we have always been.


Not only do we clean carpets, we can also stretch away the ripples and waves, and patch areas damaged from pets or accidents. We can clean, patch and stretch all in the same day, Steam Doc is truly your one stop shop for all of your carpet needs! If you would like to schedule the in-home evaluation, give the office a call or schedule it online.

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