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Oriental Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Beautiful Oriental and Specialty Rugs add elegance and warmth to your beautiful Atlanta home, however just like all of your rugs and carpeting it requires regular cleanings and maintenance. Proper cleaning of oriental rugs goes beyond simple vacuuming, spot-treatments, and topical cleanings with extraction equipment. By combining old world techniques and today's technology the Steam Doc can properly care for your rugs.


Rug Cleaning Process:


We start all of our rug cleanings with a thorough inspection of the rug, identifying the fiber, backing construction, and any possible areas of wear, damage, holes, burns or staining. After a thorough inspection we perform a dye transfer test to see how stable your rug's dyes are to ensure no damage occurs during the cleaning process. A thorough dusting and vacuuming of your rug is next, this is an extensive process to remove deeply imbeded dirt, dust, hair and dander. Next we start the cleaning process making sure to appropriately treat any spots or stains found within your rug, and as always all of our products are made to be used on oriental and specialty rugs! Our rug shampoo and rotary scrubbing machines clean deep within your rug bringing years of life back into it and restoring the luster it once had. Steam Doc flushes your rug free of all contaminants, shampoos. For rugs with fringes, this is when we carefully clean and spot treat your fringes ensuring they are properly cared for and restored by our rug cleaning professionals.


There are a few steps you can take at home to ensure that your rug remains beautiful between professional cleanings.

  • Turn and rotate your oriental and specialty rugs occasionally to keep one side from being exposed to the sun and high traffic continuously.

  • Take action against stains and spills immediately, blot up as much of the accident as possible, do not scrub, this can cause premature wear on your rug. If you get a spot or stain, do not use RESOLVE or any OXI-based or ENZYME based spotters, they WILL DAMAGE your rug.

  • If you notice pilling (small balls of fibers) appearing after vacuuming, your beater bar is set too low or it is too aggressive for your rug, however they should still be vacuumed at least once a week.

  • If you plan to store the rug for an extended period, roll it in one direction, not many to ensure it doesn't become damaged during storage.


Rug Cleaning in Atlanta

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